How it Works

Truths About Earning College Credit   

Let’s be real, college these days can be a rip off; but what if there was a way to earn your college degree for a fraction of the cost? For years traditional universities have taken advantage of students like yourself by using the monopoly on higher education they have to skyrocket prices beyond all reason. For this purpose College For All was created to give students an alternative route to gain a degree in the most innovative, guaranteed, and convenient way, let us show you exactly how it works.

At College For All we help prepare students to earn their college degree by taking college-level tests accredited by the College Board, CLEP exams and (ACE) American Council on Education accredited DSST exams. Through our innovative educational program students can bypass the expenses of college courses and earn these same credits by examination. We give our students the sources they need when studying to be confident on testing day in any of the plethora of subjects covered in the CLEP or DSST tests. We have specialized our program in utilizing these college-level tests to help students gain credit without paying the inflated prices of traditional college. Once our students have accumulated all transferable credits that are offered by examination, the remaining credits are acquired through the means of degree specific coursework. We have completely systematized with our partner university – Thomas Edison State University the transferable credit process. Therefore, with our partner university, we give students a one-stop innovative degree pathway to help them achieve an accredited degree for a fraction of the price. To explore our degree choices visit our Degree Programs page.


Preparing You for the Exam  

At College For All we are committed to your success and provide optimal study materials to equip you. Our dedicated team is here to support you and ensure you are ready for exam day.

What is a CLEP test?

The term CLEP stands for “College Level Examination Program” and is a form of gaining credit through examination that was created by the official College Board of America over 40 years ago. The same committees who created the famous and revered ACT and SAT tests are also the ones responsible for the creation of all CLEP tests which is what makes them so respected in the academic community as an alternative way to achieve college credit opposed to the traditional method of course taking. In the same way that one may select a course to take in order to gain college credit for any number of subjects at a traditional university, we specialize in preparing you to take accredited CLEP tests that also cover every subject and field of study from Biology, to College Math, and English Literature, all the way to American Government, Psychology, and everything in between. It is our goal to prepare every one of our students to be fully equipped for every CLEP test we select for them to take whether the subject matter be one they are familiar with, or one that they have had no previous exposure to. All tests are treated equally by us as we strive to ensure the passing of all our students; and are proud to boast a 90% pass rate for hundreds of people who have used our program over the years. By utilizing all the materials, advising, and resources we offer to our students, we are confident that everyone can achieve their accredited bachelors degree in a way that is both affordable, and much more convenient than the taking of traditional college courses in a classroom setting. Each CLEP test stands at 90 minutes long, and includes between 90 and 120 multiple choice questions depending on the subject at hand. As it is a multiple choice test, each question has five possibly correct answers that you must read through and evaluate to decide which one of the five is the correct answer to the given question. This is where our program at College For All comes in. Our academic team specializes in guaranteeing that every student we have is prepared to be able to pass CLEP tests with ease by using our innovative educational program designed to utilize many different styles of learning to then ensure that each student studying at College For All can earn their accredited degree through means of credit by examination. By following our exceptionally created template, using our vast study materials on our online student login, and gaining daily help from our advisors, you will be able to receive your fully accredited bachelors degree with our partnership with Thomas Edison State University that we will provide you once you have reached your credit requirement through our program. This one stop, affordable, and proven program is the clear option for anyone wanting to achieve their degree in the most innovative, guaranteed, and convenient way yet.

Our Resources:
  1. Online resources such as 1,000+ videos for classes and coursework, provided by and others.
  2. Traditional textbook materials
  3. Online student login with test breakdown and study guide
  4. Practice Tests
  5. Student advising

What Can You Save?

College education adds value to the individual and we wish to keep it this way, instead of graduating students with more debt then the value of their degree. The average student pays $1,844 a month for college; however, now with the innovative educational model of College For All students can, with an investment of $699/mo, achieve their four-year college degree. The completion of the four-year program is a total tuition cost of $33,552. College For All also offers a scholarship program to provide students with further financial support upon approval.

Scholarship Program

We are proud to offer our students the ability to qualify for financial aid through the College For All scholarship program. Donations given by private businesses and generous donors allow our students access to financial support. Upon approval is the Jump Start Scholarship; by qualifying student’s tuition cost is lowered to $499/mo. Monthly payments for distance students is also discounted $100. This is the case so distance students can cover their own test and proctoring fees involved when testing from a third party. Apply today to see if you qualify for our scholarship program!

At College For All students literally save thousands of dollars when getting their degree. The estimated average cost of tuition at a private college would be $130,000 and the average tuition cost at a public college is not far behind, at $96,000. However, with the College For All degree pathway student’s expenses drop significantly per month. Let us support you in taking that next step in getting your college degree debt free!

To start the free application process you can go to the Apply Now page to get started. Imagine the savings that could come from this method of earning college credits. Join the hundreds of students that have broken the mold and seized their higher educational goals without the traditional costs. Now getting a college degree can be for everyone, College For All has allowed hundreds of students to successfully obtain their bachelor’s degree debt free and this success can be the same for you!