Global Scholar Program 

Here is what being a Global Scholar includes. 


Groups of 10 or more Global Scholar students will have the ability to spend 3 months at a time in a unique country where they will experience new cultures and expand their understanding of the world all while continuing to make steady progress towards their degree. Each Global Scholar will have access to their own copy of College For All’s specialty travel guide publications that will correspond to the city and country in which they will reside in. This includes lists of popular restaurants, recommended day trips and excursions, as well as, information on local religious and spiritual centers and highly acclaimed gyms and wellness centers for students looking to build a sense of community and further their personal enlightenment.

Global Scholars will also have access to a dedicated College For All team member living within the city. Weekly dinner parties, outings, and study groups are just some of the many optional activities that will be available throughout this life changing experience.

Eligibility and Tuition

Global Scholars must meet the minimum age requirement of 20 in order to enroll into the premium program. Students 18 and older may still apply, however, through our waiver program, and upon careful review may still be admitted to become a Global Scholar. The monthly tuition for the Global Scholar Program is $750/mo.

This price covers the following expenses for students:

  • Airfare
  • Housing
  • Weekly Dinner Party
  • 1 Unique Excursion Selected By the Local College For All Team Member
  • College For All Program


Experience is what makes a life lived to its fullest. Becoming a Global Scholar allows for you to gain priceless real world experiences by traveling to unique locations and learning about other cultures all while expanding your personal academic horizons. Now there is only one question remaining. Please let us know your answer in the poll listed below.