The original workings of College For All was established in 2001 for the purpose of offering students with an alternative route to gaining college credits through examination to achieve their bachelor’s degree. College For All has sought to meet the needs of students everywhere that feel that the traditional college system has inflated prices and constricting formalities that make it burdensome for the everyday student to get their degree. Different colleges might say their highest priority is the student, but they make it nearly impossible for students to graduate debt-free. That is why College For All is here, to provide a solution to that problem by offering an innovative approach to gaining college credit, by lowering the cost of delivery for students to obtain their degree. In the past we have only been located in Indianapolis, Indiana but have started a location in Hemet, California to provide the people in this community with an opportunity to earn transferable college credit. With the help of degree issuing institutions like Thomas Edison State University, students can graduate with their accredited four year college degree. By following our educational model College For All students can achieve their college degree in an affordable and innovative way.